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Due to recent changes in the trends of pgmee –inclding image questions ,lot of indirect repeats,and frequently asked questions from same topics,MEDPG has come up with NEET RECALL EXAM SERIES 2017. It is an daily online exam series based on previous ALL INDIA and DNB questions open to all pg aspirants.It is intended to cover previous 3 year NEET and DNB questions months by JUST spending few hours a day.It is not a random exam ,topics of the exam schedule is informed well in advance.exam includes previous NEET and DNB model questions,modified questions,IMAGE questions and HIGH YIELDING question useful for all pgmee.It is useful for all pg aspirants-including repeaters,first timers including interns and is indispensable for NEET,DNB,AIIMS,JIPMER,PGI,NIMHANS.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) aims to help the Medical Graduates for achieving admission to the post graduate courses and to transform themselves from a general practitioner or family doctor is changing to specialists and super-specialists. The faculty for the CME comprises of the experts from the different subjects to provide critical insights on a particular topic/subject in the course. We believes that the role of a teacher is not simply to bestow knowledge but to help the student seek even more learning and to nurture the talent of their students and to guide them along the path of success. We understand that Constant motivation, individual care and writing MCQ exam repeatedly is the key to success in entrance exam

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is now available in distant mode also. The modern communication techniques are integrated to the distant education of Continuing Medical Education.  The students who are not able to attend in person to the course can also avail the flexibility of attending the course by accessing the notes for the class, writing online MCQ exam repeatedly and constant motivation from our faculty. 

MedPG Thissur is conducting SIX FREE Mock Exams every week in the NEET Pattern commencing from 15th Nov 2017. Make use of this golden opportunity before the actual NEET Exams.

Dates of Exams : NOV 15, NOV 22, NOV23, NOV 30, DEC 7, DEC 15